First Light® No 37 King Fern Deva’s Blessing

“I bring a healing song to the soul. Through me the traumas of physical existence are soothed – bathed in the sacred healing pools and ancient mists of the land.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

King Fern is one of the largest ferns in New Zealand with a very striking appearance. Its dark green glossy fronds grow up to 5 metres tall and up to 2 meters wide. While not as prolific as it once was King Fern grows in heavy bush, shady gullies and in lowland forest.

First Light® No 37 King Fern essence is helpful for those who feel energetically depleted, insecure about their body, job, finances or have a sense of soul loss or physical disconnection from their body or physical life.

Also helpful for:

  • Exposure to, or the experience of any form of physical shock, abuse or trauma
  • Experiences of danger, panic, fear, feeling unsafe
  • Physical abandonment or feeling unwanted
  • Sudden changes to physical routine
  • Separation, divorce, loss of job, home, spouse, parent, etc
  • Parental grief
  • Exposure to everyday physically traumatising situations
  • Exposure to 21st century physical conditions, including adulterated food, noise, sound technology, environmental/electromagnetic pollution, recreational drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc

First Light® No 37 King Fern essence helps to:

  • Clear the energetic imprints of painful physical experiences and life endangering situations
  • Heal the ‘wounded child’ – the part that holds the memories of insecurity, physical abuse, neglect and other physical traumas
  • Safely connect to life and physical existence
  • Let one’s physical guard down, feel physically safe and secure
  • Facilitate inner healing, peace and stillness at a soul level after physical shock or trauma
  • Feel alive and present

Latin NameMarattia salicina

Layer of the aura: Physical/etheric

How to use: Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.

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First Light® Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix©

First Light® No 37 King Fern is one of the seven First Light® fern essences No’s 37-43 in the First Light® Life Trauma Set. The First Light® fern essences are a holistic aura maintenance kit and they are part of the First Light® Nature’s Holistic Matrix© that focuses on helping a person to restore and maintain wellbeing on all levels of the being: personality, aura, chakras, DNA and soul.

The fern essences in First Light® Life Trauma Set focus on the aura. They help to clear away trauma, pain and suffering from the aura so that deeper levels of holistic healing can occur. First Light® fern essences help to restore inner freedom and harmony so that a river of pure life force or ‘chi’ can circulate freely through our being. You can purchase the First Light® Life Trauma Set here.

In the First Light® Ferns – Life Trauma online course you can learn in depth about the aura and how to use First Light® fern essences No’s 37-43 to help clear away the seven fundamental traumas from the aura. Find out more about this course here.